Saturday, May 3 - Sunday, May 4, 2014

The following members of The Association of Independent Readers and Rootworkers (AIRR) and other professionals will be on site during the Apprenticeship Week and Workshop Weekend and will be offering readings. Take advantage of some great discount prices for attendees only, and the opportunity to get an in-person reading with someone you might not otherwise have a chance to meet. All daytime readings are scheduled at 20 minutes each, to allow time for you and your reader to leave the workshops and return to them. After the workshops close for the evening, longer readings may be accommodated -- just ask your reader or our Reading Wrangler, Deacon Millett!

Apollo Dark Apollo Dark: Tarot Card Readings

Schedule via Bookeo

Dr. Johannes Dr. Johannes: Tarot Card Readings

By Special Request Only

Ms. Robin Ms. Robin: Crystal Ball and Spiritual Readings

By Special Request Only

Kast Excelsior: Throwing the Bones
Kast Excelsior All Reading Times Booked
Lou Florez: Tarot Card Readings
Lou Florez All Reading Times Booked
Madame Nadia: Lenormand Card Reading
Madame Nadia All Reading Times Booked
Madame Pamita: Tarot and Lenormand Readings
Madame Pamita All Reading Times Bo
Michele Jackson: Throwing of the Bones
Michele Jackson All Reading Times Booked
Miss cat yronwode Miss cat: Palmistry Plus Tarot

All Reading Times Booked

ConjureMan Ali ConjureMan Ali: Tarot and Geomancy Life Readings

All Reading Times Booked

Miss Elvyra: Tarot Card Readings
Miss Elvyra All Reading Times Booked
Miss Michaele: Tarot and Bibliomancy
Miss Michaele
Miss Phoenix LeFae: Tarot Card Readings
Miss Phoenix
Prof. Porterfield: Lucky Numbers and Bibliomancy
Prof. Charles Porterfield


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